Would you like the Bible in your dialect?

photo-aug-07-3-35-37-pmWould your church like to have the Bible in your Roma dialect? If your passion is to see the Bible translated into the Roma mother tongues of the people in your church, we can help.

Roma Bible Society can:

1. Help you choose translators from within your church.
2. Train them how to translate the Bible, through our translation manuals and training workshops.
3. Set up special software designed for Bible translation (and in some cases, also provide computer tablets to use during translation).
4. Show you how to begin by translating Open Bible Stories, which are 50 simplified Bible stories with pictures which retell the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. After that, we can help your team decide which part of the Bible to translate first.
5. Coach your translators in the process of translating and teach your church to check your translation for accuracy, clarity and naturalness.
6. Help you print your translated Bible stories and Bible texts.
7. Help you publish your translated Bible stories and Bible texts digitally in text, audio and video.

We will also help you use these tools:

  • translationStudio is a free utility for translating the Bible and biblical content into any language. The purpose of translationStudio is to make Bible translation accessible to the global church. translationStudio is fully functional without an Internet connection and enables collaboration in the translation process. The app includes numerous “just-in-time” translation helps that explain keywords, difficult to translate phrases, and general translation concepts. When translations are completed, the app enables uploading and publishing through the unfoldingWord platform.
  • translationAcademy teaches you how to make high quality translations of the Bible and other biblical content into your Roma language. translationAcademy is highly flexible so it can be used to train you before you start translating as well as during the translation process (”just-in-time” learning). The training is divided into easy-to-understand modules.
  • translationNotes provides translators with exegetical information for each passage of the Bible, as well as other biblical resources like Open Bible Stories. By providing historical, cultural, and linguistic information, together with interlinked information pertaining to key terms and translation theory, translators are equipped to translate and check their translations with excellence.
  • Open Bible Stories are 50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, for evangelism & discipleship, in text, audio, and video, on any mobile phone, in any language, for free. Will you help translate these stories into your Roma dialect?