Work and Pray, together

The Roma Bible Society exists as a catalyst and repository for all things related to Roma Bible translation.

As information becomes available, it needs to be shared. If Scripture is available in a given dialect, those in the field need to know how and where to obtain it.

If Scripture is not available in a given dialect, and yet the need for translation exists, those on the field need to know which groups are currently targeting those dialects. 

We seek to encourage and collaborate, so that no one is re-inventing the wheel or investing time and resources in a language project that is already being planned or accomplished by another group. 

Our passion is to share the vision of Roma Bible translation. We desire to make the need known and encourage the Body of Christ to invest prayer, time, manpower and finances in this most worthy of tasks.

To cast this vision, we will speak at conferences, network with others who are involved in Roma Bible work, share promotional materials online through various media, and disseminate prayer information to encourage prayer for Roma Bible translation.
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