Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

RBS exists to make God’s Word accessible to all Roma in the language and format which serves them best.

Impact Statement

We long to see every speaker of a Romani or para-Romani dialect in Europe and western Eurasia able to read and hear God’s Word in the dialect which they understand best, in a format (written, audio, visual) which serves them best.

Mission Statement

To accomplish this vision, RBS will:

  • Provide Bible translation training for Roma mother tongue translators
  • Translate and publish the Bible (and Bible-based stories with pictures) into Romani dialects in Eastern and Central Europe which still lack the Scriptures, with initial focus on Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary.
  • Host translated Romani Scriptures on RBS website in digital, audio, video formats (where permission is granted).
  • Collect sharable prayer requests for Roma Bible translation needs, and share them through social media.
  • Develop material for promoting reading and literacy among Roma (“The Decade of the Book: 2014-2024”) including web and print reading materials.
  • Write and translate Roma-relevant extra textual helps (Bible study notes, study aids, teaching booklets, Bible background explanations).
  • Translate Roma-relevant mother tongue translator Bible translation training materials
  • Translate exegetical tools for national languages for use by mother tongue translations.