Vision for Roma Scripture Use

It is not enough to translate the Bible, it needs to be used. We want to see transformation in Roma communities through engagement with the Scriptures.

Vision for Scripture Use

The need: we see that many Roma Christians gather for (weekly) meetings of praise, prayer, and worship. However, for many Roma Christians it is a challenge to grow to deeper spiritual maturity. Most do not know how to study the Bible and many pastors lack the tools for leading their churches to deeper Biblical discipleship. RBS develops and distributes Scripture-use materials which can help in that challenging process.

In our approach to Scripture Use we try to be aware of the following:

  • We want to listen to the needs and unique challenges facing Roma Christians. As we learn together, for example with Roma translators and pastors, we develop material helping Roma Christians to become mature readers of the Bible.
  • In our material we focus on a few area’s: (1) specific Roma topics, (2) chronological Bible studies and (3) material for Roma Pastors. We want to focus on quality rather than quantity, sometimes “less is more.”
  • We realize that everybody has a theological perspective. We try to be non-controversial but we are also open about the fact that we work within the the framework of classic Christianity, as commonly expressed in the Nicene creed.
  • In addition to printed material we also publish using digital, open-source publishing strategies (just like we do for the Bible translation projects.)