Training for Roma Bible Translators

trainingroma1handWe will encourage and provide on-site training for those workers in the field who want to be involved in Roma Bible translation, including mother tongue translators and foreign or national workers.

It is not normally realistic for Roma mother tongue translators to leave home and enroll in a school in a foreign country. Training needs to be on location where possible, and needs to be on-going, held in regular modules.

Training materials need to be made available in the national language and provided in print as well as through online training, in audio and video recordings.

Assistance is needed in writing and translating training materials, including both mother tongue translation materials and Bible translation awareness materials

We are currently working to develop training materials in Croatia, Serbian and Hungarian and feel that the need may also exist for training materials to be translated into Slovakian, Czech, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish and Russian, and quite possibly several other languages.