The Challenge of Roma Bible Translation

There are currently 12-16 million Roma in Europe and western Eurasia. Ten million of these make their home in central & eastern Europe. While the populations of many nationalities in Europe are shrinking, the Roma population is rapidly growing. In fact, at the current growth rates it will double in just 10 to 20 years.


We love these Roma people and serve a God who loves them, too. He has given us His Word to bring eternal life and we are committed to seeing Roma transformed spiritually through Bible translation. When God’s Word comes to a society in the mother tongue and heart language of the people, and when the people hear and read it for themselves, that society can be gloriously redeemed.

However we face a daunting, unfinished task. There are over 30 countries in Europe and western Eurasia with Roma populations who need God’s truth. In those areas there are over 80 different dialects, most of which do not have God’s Word translated. Unfortunately, Roma translation projects tend to be sporadic and uncoordinated. It is often difficult to know which dialects need translation. And where Bible translation work has been done, it is often very challenging to locate those translations for distribution, and to know in which areas the particular dialects are used. Printing and storage costs are often prohibitive as well. It is a far greater task than any one organization can complete.

We recognize that we must partner together in our common commitment to get God’s word into numerous Roma dialects. We strive to see Bible translation begun in every Roma dialect which needs it by the year 2025, and we feel that an essential step in accomplishing this goal is the founding of a virtual Bible society, with a specific focus on Roma Bible translation.