The Bible for all Roma

The Challenge of Roma Bible Translation

There are currently 12-16 million Roma in Europe and western Eurasia. Ten million of these make their home in central & eastern Europe. While the populations of many nationalities in Europe are shrinking, the Roma population is rapidly growing. In fact, at the current growth rates... More >>

Vision and Mission

RBS exists to make God’s Word accessible to all Roma in the language and format which serves them best. To accomplish this vision... More >>

The Need for Research

At the moment there is not one single resource providing all the relevant information about the Roma language situation, about current and planned Bible translation projects, and about the production and distribution of translated Scripture and Scripture-based material... More >>

Current Roma Bibles

 For an overview of current Roma Bibles look here.

Work and Pray, together

Our passion is to share the vision of Roma Bible translation. We desire to make the need known and encourage the Body of Christ to invest prayer, time, manpower and finances... More >>