Press Release September 2014

Roma Bible Society to support translation work in many Roma languages
Budapest, Hungary. A new Bible Society focusing on Bible translation in Roma languages was started recently. The goal of the Roma Bible Society is to help make Scripture available in every Roma community. Bible translation is a current need for numerous Romani dialects spoken in Europe and western Eurasia. Roma Bible Society believes that Bible translation can be started by 2025 in all Romani dialects which need translation. Roma Bible Society wants to (help) train and support partner organisations engaged in Bible Translation and Scripture Use projects.
The purpose of Roma Bible Society is to act as a platform for the exchange of information, collaboration between partner agencies and support of the translation and distribution of quality Bible material in all Romani dialects. At the moment there is not one single resource providing all the relevant information about the Roma language situation, about current and planned Bible translation projects, and about the production and distribution of translated Scripture and Scripture-based material. The first project of the Roma Bible Society will be a website where this kind of information will be provided. This resource will serve as a basis for future projects.
More information will become available in the next months. You can also follow our regular updates on Facebook.
About Roma Bible Society
Roma Bible Society (RBS) currently consists of three professionals with experience in areas such as Bible translation, project coordination, research, and technology. Todd L. Price Ph.D. serves with Pioneers and Roma Bible Union and is located in Budapest, Hungary. He serves as translation and training coordinator. Mr. Jelle Huisman MA serves with International Teams and Roma Bible Union and is located in Randwijk, The Netherlands. His role is research and technology coordinator. Bob Hitching serves with Roma Bible Union and is located in Budapest, Hungary. His role is strategy coordinator.
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