Press Release June 2016: “Jesus is Lord” booklet completed! First Scripture ever in this dialect!

2016_06 Hungary Croatia Trip 026 ssp We praise God that the first Scripture portion ever in a Roma (Gypsy) dialect spoken by about 5,000 people in southern Hungary has been completed!

This month Roma Bible Society received shipment of 500 copies of the first Scripture portion ever printed in the Hungarian Munteoni Bayash dialect.  The booklet, entitled “Jesus is Lord”, has five passages from the Gospel of Luke and an explanation that Jesus is Lord over all–over sickness (healing of the centurion’s servant), over storms (calming the sea), over demons (casting out the demon from the Gadarene man), and over sin (the Prodigal Son, and the story of Zaccheus).

2016_06 Hungary Croatia Trip 029 ssp

The booklet is a diglot, with the same Scripture passage in Hungarian on facing pages, to encourage literacy in both languages.

2016_06 Hungary Croatia Trip 036 ssp

It is such a joy to hold this booklet in our hands!

This new publication is available for download as a pdf document here. 

We encourage you to look through this new treasure and pray that those who receive it – whether via hard copy or even download – will have their eyes opened to the Good News of Jesus Christ which can impact them individually, as families, and as a community.


About Roma Bible Society

Roma Bible Society (RBS) currently consists of three professionals with experience in areas such as Bible translation, project coordination, research, and technology. Todd L. Price Ph.D. serves with Pioneers and Roma Bible Union and is located in Budapest, Hungary. He serves as translation and training coordinator. Mr. Jelle Huisman MA serves with International Teams and Roma Bible Union and is located in Osijek, Croatia. His role is research and technology coordinator. Bob Hitching serves with Roma Bible Union and is located in Pécs, Hungary. His role is strategy coordinator.
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