Bible Translation at RBS

Bible Translation in 7 steps

The Bible is a big book, consisting of 1,189 chapters, and the task of seeing it translated in its entirety can be quite daunting. We suggest that the task be broken down into smaller steps. The Roma Bible Society provides a scalable approach with templates... More >>

Tools and Resources for the Bible Translation Process

Roma Bible Society partners with the unfoldingWord project in our Bible translation process. More >>

Current Translation Projects

RBS is currently interested in helping translate the Bible into the Bayash, Ludari, Gurbet, Arli, Western Slovak and Central Slovak dialects... More >>

Training for Roma Bible Translators

We will encourage and provide on-site training for those workers in the field who want to be involved in Roma Bible translation, including mother tongue translators and foreign or national workers. It is not normally realistic for Roma mother tongue translators to leave home and enroll in a school in a foreign country. Training needs to be on location where possible, and needs to be on-going... More >>

Translation Helps for Roma translators

We will develop Bible study notes specific to Roma issues and those written specifically for the Roma of Europe and Western Eurasia. These extra textual helps are essential for... More >>