The Bible for All Roma: A Challenging Vision

There are over 30 countries in Europe and western Eurasia with Roma speaking over 80 different dialects. The challenge of Roma Bible translation is huge. But we believe that it is possible to do the work in all the dialects which need translation, if we work and pray together.

Introducing the Roma Bible Society: What we do

The Roma Bible Society exists as a catalyst and repository for all things related to Roma Bible translation. Sharing information about the Roma language situation is an important first step. In our current projects we use a scalable approach to Bible Translation. We also provide training for Roma Bible translators and Bible study notes to support them. We also develop scripture use material. All our materials are also available for you, please contact us for more information.

More About RBS

Learn more about us and check out our news page. We are a part of the free & open Bible translation movement. You can find our ministry reports here. You can also follow our regular updates on facebookContact us if you have any comments or questions.